Harold (Hal) Kirby

I’m a retired Air F0rce Pilot, retired Corporate Accountant and currently an Artist and Dog Daddy.

In the Air F0rce I flew the KC135 (refueling tanker), the B58, supersonic bomber; The FB111, nuclear bomber.

For 16 years, I was a corporate accountant in Boston, not nearly as enjoyable as being an Air Force Pilot.

I started painting about half way through my Air Force career and have been painting about 50 years.  I ran a co-op gallery of about 30 artists for several years and showed my art work in local galleries but I found I sold much more of my work at art and crafts fairs.  I’ve been doing arts and crafts fairs for about 40 years.  I would do about 10 shows while I still had my day jobs.  After retiring from my day jobs, I’ve been doing about 16 art shows a year and about 20 art show days.

I’ve won many regional awards and one national award, a national First for my oil pastel “Texas Gothic” in the 2012 Oil Pastel Members Show.

While stationed in Japan, I became a fan of the Japanese Haiku and started writing haikus for some of my paintings.  I recently published my first book on Amazon:  Hals Art and Hals Haikus in Color.

I pray you enjoy my paintings.